min-max: 10-100 pax
Sustainability obstacle course at Collserola Park 



The group will arrive at the Baixador de Vallvidrera train station (20 mins from Plaça Catalunya) where our Greenevents team will expect you. We will walk for 10 minutes to where the obstacle course begins. The course is a game which tests the collaboration and survival capabilities of the team. Players have just joined the HOPE programme that will prepare them to survive in a future in which most humans have been eliminated by natural disasters. To achieve this, they must interact with nature and, in order to survive, recognize and respect the natural heritage of Barcelona, and survive the main environmental problems. 

Once the obstacle course has been finished, there is the option of eating at a social work placement restaurant for people with mental functional diversity,  15 minutes walk from where the obstacle course finishes.

Location and meeting point:

Baixador de Vallvidrera – FGC train station (20 minutes by train from Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona).


min-max: 10-300 ppl. If the group is bigger that 50 ppl, it requires 1 month and a half in advance booking to ask permission to the park.


3 hours. If the group want to have lunch: 5 hours


All year. It is recommended to do this activity during the week.


Catalan, Spanish, English and French. 

Other foreign languages are possible with a translator.


Not suitable for people with functional diversity


Group of 10-50 ppl ….. from 49€/pp + vat

Group of 51-100 ppl ………From 47€/pp + vat

Group of 101-200 ppl……. From 45€/pp + vat

Group of 201-300 ppl…… From 39€/pp + vat

Surcharge for English, French or other languages: from 19%. 

Prices do not include food.

Other options:

  • Add to the Obstacle Course in Collserola Park  with 2-3 hours workshop on organizational strategies, assertive communication or your company’s CSR: Price: an extra 590€. If your company is Spanish, training subject to discount.
  • Photo and video coverage.
  • Greenhouse gas calculation and compensation
Engage your staff with sustainable team building experiences, contact us!
This activity deepens your knowledge and encourages you to think about environmental problems such as climate change.
You will visit Collserola Park, the biggest and most important in Barcelona where you will experience the Mediterranean wood.
If you stay for lunch, you will learn about social work placement for people with mental functional diversity.
The food produce is Km0 and, where possible, ecological