Paella, tapes or recipes from the world teamcooking

This experience contributes to cooperation, group cohesion, communication, time management, trust among colleagues, interculturality, fun and motivation.


Let’s cook paella, tapas or dishes from around the world with your colleagues. Get ready for this authentic gastronomic experience accompanied by local and ecological wines. You can choose to cook: paella, tapas or make recipes from Peru, Chile, Japan, Morocco, Syria, Afghanistan, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Nepal, Italy, Senegal, China, or vegetarian.The chefs are professionals who were at risk of exclusion as immigrants and are in the process of sociolaboral integration.


  • In kitchens in Barcelona, Badalona and El Maresme (Mataró and Caldes d’Estrac).
  • At the farms of our experiences: form the farm to the table, the cooperative world of bees , and vineyard visit.
  • We can bring a kitchen to your venue.
  • Indoor and outdoor.
  • Group:

  • min.-max: 10-25 pax at our kitchens in Barcelona, Badalona and El Maresme (Mataró and Caldes d’Estrac).
  • min.-max: 10-50 pax at our wineyard experience.
  • min.-max: 10-200 pax at our what can we learn from bees’ cooperative world? and from the farm to the table experiences.
  • Duration:

    Between 4 and 7 hours


    All year round.


    Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese (depending on the recipe you choose). We can offer you other languages ​ with a translator but there will be a surcharge.


    Access for disabled people:
    There is elevator access to Barcelona, Badalona, and Caldes d’Estrac kitchens. Mataró kitchen is only accessible by stairs.

    Price per person vat not included:

  • Fom 49€ at Barcelona, Badalona and El Maresme (Mataró and Caldes d’Estrac) kitchens.
  • From 69€ at the bee and vineyard experiences.
  • Prices include: snack while you are cooking, ingredients, and recipe.
  • Prices do not include transport. We can arrange private transport upon request.
  • Other options:

  • 2-3 hours workshop about organization strategy, team performance, or CSR in your company. Price: 590€ vat not included.
  • Pairing workshop: 39€ per person.
  • Other event planning services: photo and video coverage and calculation and compensation of greenhouse gases.
  • Motivate your team with sustainable and social team building experiences: contact us!

    Social and environmental values

    The ingredients are, whenever possible, organic amd local products.
    Share with  professional immigrant chefs who were in a social and economic vulnerable situation and who are in the sociolaboral integration process, get to know their experiences and their culture through the food. If you cook Paella or tapas, share with authentic Catalan and Spanish people and get to know their customs through the cuisine.
    Barcelona and Badalona kitchens are managed by projects that train immigrants for sociolaboral integration. The Maresme  kitchens are managed by cultural projects.

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