Outdoor Team Building

Barcelona-Poblenou Sustainable Tour

We will visit sustainable urban planning and architecture cases, and productive projects with social criteria. Volunteering option at a garden.

Farm to table: paella or calçotada teamcooking

Games about agroecology and pick your own vegetables for paella or calçotada (dish using spring onions) team cooking. Corporate Volunteering included. 

Guided hike getting to know about flora in the rural area around Mataró

Hike where you can learn about Mediterranean flora, agriculture in Catalonia and seasonal crops.

Maritime + Beach Activities

sailing, kayaking, paddle surfing, big paddle surfing and rowing. Experience that fosters group cohesion, cooperation, improves communication , trust between the team, health

Paella, tapas or dishes from around world teamcooking

The chefs are professionals who were at risk of exclusion as immigrants and are in the process of sociolaboral integration
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Sustainability obstacle course at Collserola Park

A fun game where you can think about environmental problems such as climate change. This experience contributes to cooperation, group cohesion and trust,

Visit Barcelona fishermen’s wharf + fishing net cleaning-up

As well as learning about Barcelona’s fishing heritage you will take part in cleaning fishing nets

What can we learn from bees cooperative world?

Let’s reflect about the cooperative organization of bees, there is a lot to learn from them.

Wine tour and tasting in Barcelona’s Collserola Park

The vineyard is a work project for people with mental functional diversity. We’ll also give you info about other sustainable projects in Collserola
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