CSR Activities

Family Days

With activities based on thinking about environmental problems and change towards responsible consumption.

Installfest: utility providers in Catalonia with social and ecological criteria for responsible consumption

Utility suppliers with social and environmental criteria on hand, so participants can bring their bills.
50 màx, min-max: 10-50 pax

Learning about sustainability at 4 stations

Interactive debate facilitated by experts on: climate change, responsible consumption, waste management and global inequity. 

Thinking about SDGs.

An event at cocktail networking or before company lunch or evening meals.  

Wellness: Yoga, Interactive Moviment and Massage

This activity contributes to confidence and cohesion of the group, care with the other.
min-max: 10-50 pax

Fair Trade coffee or chocolate tasting and breakfast

You will get to know more about fair trade and responsible consumption
min-max: 10-50 pax
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