Greenevents is commited with the Biosphere-Responsable Tourim

Greenevents is commited with the Biosphere-Responsable Tourim Aware of the importance of maintaining and promoting sustainable tourism development, and taking into account the principles and objectives adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2015, COP 21 and the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism + 20, greenevents is committed to continuous improvement in its sustainable


TEAM BUILDING The dream of every manager is to have a high performance team. The current demands of achieving increasingly higher results imply that the entire group must provide innovative solutions for their challenges. Then, the group has to have the necessary skills to be able to create these solutions. To work the company’s processes techniques is


WHAT IS THE SOCIAL MARKET? The social market is the network of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services (flows), which works with social, ecological and democratic criteria in a given territory, and that is constituted, both by social companies and by individual and collective consumers ( García, Jordi, 2002). According to García, the

Economía social y solidaria: economía que te hace sentir que vivir vale la pena

Qué es la economía social y solidaria? La Economía social y solidaria, es una forma de hacer economía que te hace sentir que vivir vale la pena! Orígen Los inicios de la Economía social y solidaria (l’ESS) viene desde los inicios del cooperativismo, que surgió con la creación de cooperativas de consumo en la revolución


Coopolis is an equipment of 4,000 m2 in block 4 of the old factory of Can Batlló in the Sants-Barcelona neighborhood, which belongs to the City Council and which has given a session of use to the social movement and the Social and Solidarity Economy ( l’ESS) of the District of Sants-Montjuic-Barcelona for the promotion

Do you want to take a tour of critical thinking this Sant Jordi 2017?

Aquest San Jordi et proposem un recorregut per paradetes de publicacions i llibreries, algunes també editorials, que fomenten el pensament crític a Barcelona. N’hi ha moltes, com per exemple: Al Districte de Ciutat Vella: Editorial Pol-len c/ Junta de Comerç, 20. Editorial independent, cooperativa, que fan ecoedició de llibres de pensament crític per a contribuir

The impulse of the social and solidarity economy that the City of Barcelona is doing

El pla d’impuls de l’economia social i solidària (ESS) 2016-2019 de Barcelona, és el resultat del codiagnòstic i coproducció entre el Comissionat d’Economia Cooperativa, Social i Solidària i Consum de Barcelona i el sector de l’ESS, i té com a objectiu destinar 24 milions d’euros a la promoció d’empreses i de l’economia amb criteris democràtics,


Greenevents participated in a networking activity of Barcelona Activa to present its services, find new suppliers and clients and learn about new networking dynamics. The activity involved 15 companies from different sectors: communication, marketing, commerce, technology, among others; and approximately 25 freelancers. Greenevents met potential suppliers for communication and design. One of the objectives of