Team Building Experiences and Corporate Event planners with social and environmental criteria, put into practice the CSR

We support projects that promote local, equitable and eco-friendly development, and social and employment reintegration of local underprivileged workers
We manage so that you can reward the Team Building experience: only for Spanish Companies. We help you to communicate the social and environmental impact of your experience


Gymkhiking about sustainability and visiting an eco hens farm

This experience contributes to communication, time management, planning, leadership, solidarity, among others.

Wine tour and wine tasting in Barcelona's Collserola Park

The vineyard is a socio-labor insertion  project for people with mental disability. You will get to know the Collserola park.
mín-máx: 10-50 pers.

Wellness: Yoga and Interactive Moviment and Massage

This experience contributes to confidence and cohesion of the group, care and connection with the other, communication improvement. responsibility, creativity,
mín-máx: 10-50 pers.

Barcelona Tours

(1) Bcn downtown with social perspective (2) Sustainable Architecture (3) Community gardens (4) Social economy innovation  

Farm to table cooking experience: paella or calçots

Experience that contributes to group cohesion, cooperation, improve trust and communication between the group
mín-máx: 10-50 pers.

Let’s cook paella, tapas or recipes from the world

The chefs are professional immigrants who were in a vulnerable situation and are in a socio-labor insertion process. 

What can we learn from bees cooperative world?

Let’s reflect about the cooperative organization of bees, there is a lot to learn from them.

Maritime Activities + Eco Restaurant

sailing, kayaking, paddle surfing, big paddle surfing and rowing. Experience that fosters group cohesion, cooperation, improves communication , trust between
min-max: 10-40 pax

Event planning

Complementary Event Services

Catering, outdoor training, photo-video, entertainment, infrastructure, GHG compensation, staff, corporate gifts.

Sustainable venues at the Collserola Parc, Barcelona's bigest parc

3 venues in Collserola Park: (1) Terrace in a farmhouse, (2) Multipurpose room, (3) Restaurant

Ecological ans Sustainable Restaurant on the beach

Exclusive use: from the 15th of September to the 15th of May: lunch time Mondays and Tuesdays and dinner time

Naus i aules industrials a Barcelona

Naus i aules industrials a Barcelona Experiència que contribueix a la confiança, responsabilitat, cura i connexió amb l’altre, creativitat, i al
50 màx, mín-máx: 10-50 pers.

Terrassa al Maresme

Terrassa al Maresme Experiència que contribueix a la confiança, responsabilitat, cura i connexió amb l’altre, creativitat, i al treball en equip.

Auditoris-Cinema-Teatre al Maresme

Auditoris-Cinema-Teatre al Maresme, a 1h. de Bcn. (1) màx: 488 pers. (2) màx. 100 pers.
mín-máx: 10-50 pers.

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